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The album Plan A out now

Plan A

The debut album from Graham Candy.

Plan A album cover

Graham’s debut album features the singles “Back Into It” and “Glowing in the Dark”.

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Watch the official music video for Back Into It.

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Watch the video for Holding Up Balloons, the single from Graham’s debut EP.

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About Graham

A quirky and unpredictable musical confectioner.

Graham Candy had no idea what awaited him when he boarded his Berlin-bound flight, leaving New Zealand behind him. The boy who skipped classes in school to play guitar and learn chords from his friends, wouldn’t have known that he would be chasing his dream as a man eleven time-zones away.

It’s been almost two years since the 25-year-old musician was in Kreuzberg’s Riverside Studios recording “She Moves”. The song with Alle Farben reached gold status in Germany selling over 170,000 copies. Charting all around Europe, the track’s success saw him performing to 2000-strong crowds, just months after playing acoustic gigs in tiny Auckland bars.

Candy’s debut album Plan A has been in work since he first stepped into Germany to create a colourful portrayal of his diverse music style and his intimate catchy lyrics. The album was recorded with producer team Feeling Valencia, who also penned his critically acclaimed EP, Holding Up Balloons. A lifetime in the making, Plan A is a 12 track journey through a beautiful mind.

There’s a long, eventful and exciting road ahead of him, and Graham Candy is ready to put his back into it to get exactly where he wants to go, his Plan A.